3 Affordable Armored Cars For Civilians 


While armored cars are robust and safe, most of them are also expensive. However, there are options in armored sedans that are affordable and can be suitable for everyday use. Armored sedans are considered luxury vehicles as they provide extreme protection and comfort when traveling. This is why several business executives prefer traveling long distances in armored sedans, so they are not too tired from the road trip. But if you deal with bully material for your business and need an armored vehicle for transportation, you should explore armored SUVs as they are more spacious to fit everything. 

For those who need a comfortable traveling experience and want a classy look to their vehicle, check out the Troy Armoring armored sedan collection, as it has some fantastic options for people on a budget. 

Three affordable armored cars for civilians 

  • Ford Raptor 

The bulletproof Ford Raptor has some exceptional features for its price. The vehicle belongs to the 100K-200K category, which is a pretty good deal for the features and protection it provides in this range. Ford Raptor offers bulletproofing from the outside, so you are entirely safe from any gun attacks, and it also has a night vision function to ensure you have a clear sight of the road and vehicles while driving at night. The car’s exteriors look super robust with large tires and taught metallic body, restricting the chance of injuries in road accidents. 

The SUV includes blind spot detection, a must when on the road. Several fatal accidents occur due to the activity happening in the blind spot of the river. At the same time, it is difficult for the driver to predict whether a vehicle is in its blind area. The blind spot detection feature will indicate if there is any vehicle or obstacle around your car that you cannot see so that you can be careful. 

The Ford Raptor is a perfect match for high-ranking officials and corporate executives to travel long distances or even in the city. With jam-packed features and education, these vehicles are valued for money. 

  • Lincoln town car 

The Lincoln town car blogs to the luxurious armored vehicles category and provides drivers and passengers with all the necessary protection from guns, accidents, or robberies. Moreover, it also has ballistic protection not to prevent the car and passenger from explosives or other dangerous weapons.

The car has several excellent features like lane departure warnings, advanced-level airbags, and rain-sensing wipers are a few examples.