Buying Car 101: All About Used Car Miles


When purchasing a used car, it often goes with the idea of picking low mileage the better. But what is considered a good mileage used car? To answer this question is a little trickier, but it is possible to get a good answer to help you decide whether it is better to buy a low-mileage used car or not. Used cars might have low or high mileage, depending on how the first owner used it, will it be for personal or business purposes.

What is in used car mileage?

Generally, the more miles a car drives off the road, the more its moving parts are used. The mileage does not necessarily indicate the quality or the actual state of the used cars in san diego. Assuming you are looking at two used cars of the same age. First, one has much higher mileage while the other one has low mileage. 

The car with high mileage requires serious conditions, and the one with lower mileage is often preferable. Here are several complicating factors:

  1. Kind of miles. There are certain kinds of driving that affect cars in different ways. It all depends on the surface of the road, the driving conditions, and the type of driving. A car can possibly rack up what is known as bad or good mileage. Cars driving on nice and smooth motorways are healthier compared to those bumping over the endless shape turns and urban potholes. 
  2. Cars meant to be driven. A lot of parts of a car self-lubricate while the vehicle is running. It means that the car that is regularly driven on the road has a better condition than those kept stationary for several months. A car that stands by for nothing over a long period deteriorates faster. The engine will possibly clog.

Does the mileage matter? The answer can be a “yes” and can be a “no”. You will need to find out more about the car and how it has been used to decide on the state of the car.

What is a good mileage used car?

Is there really a good and bad mileage car? Yes, there is and it might seem strange at first. But, once you break it down, it will make total sense. Essentially, motorway miles are better vehicles than miles gained from city driving.

It is the motorway driving that is easy on the vehicle, which operates at the optimum performance with less stress on the clutch and brakes, and higher fuel efficiency. The opposite is city driving, wearing the car down more with repeated braking and gear changes. A motorway-driven car has more miles recorded, whereas a city-driven car has fewer miles, due to the shorter commute. 

Yet, the motorway mileage is better for the car comparatively. As a result, the number of miles on the odometer doesn’t always indicate the health or condition of the car. Car mileage plays an important role when buying a used car. So, you need to make sure that you check on it before you attempt to have a test drive and buy it.