Traveling For Long Distances With Your Car? Do’s And Don’ts


When we see a long weekend, we plan many fun activities. Especially in good sunny weather, long drives are the top fun thing to do. We do not think about the services of the car before such a long journey. One should consider a few things before such travel one does not face issues like the car not starting (รถ สตาร์ท ไม่ ติด, which is the term in Thai) in the middle.

Do’s For Your Car

A long drive is fun, but we also have to take care of our car. Before taking a long drive, one should take their car into service. The basic checks of different spare parts of the car can lead us to a safe journey. One can check some functions by themselves, but professional help is advisable.

Even if the car is old or new, precautions are better than cure. One can care for batteries, engines, air conditioners, and glasses. For a smooth journey and no hiccups from the car, one can look for the performance of the active parts. When they are secured and updated will not face the issue of an engine or car not starting at any point of the journey.

Don’ts For Long Journeys

Consider precautions if you are taking an old model to the roads. An old car has many defaults and high chances of breaking down at an unwanted place. So, make sure that your automobile is capable of the distance. Check for the mileage of the car and the interiors that can support the journey.

The important don’t is to overload and ignore the signs of damage or need for service. When planning to take an old car out, get the services done. One can look for special care for the spare parts in every model:

  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Lights
  • Electric Wiring
  • Wipes

Check every light, mirror movement, and sound when you start your car. Avoiding any part for a check-up can lead to many mishappenings. The biggest is getting lost and stuck because of our travel partner.


Our car is our best travel partner. But sometimes, it might need our attention and care. Everyday use is different than long drives and vacation trips. Many people avoid the precaution and face issues during their travel. The most common complaint of a car not starting is faced by every careless driver. To avoid such problems, one can follow advice.