What makes the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Attractive?


The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle) is simply taking a Bolt EV and making it even better through upgrades. These include using sheet metal and other aspects to make it look like SUVs more. However, this is not all, numerous reasons lead people to purchase this vehicle.

To know about every detail such as changes made, powertrain, price, etc. all you need is to go through the information mentioned below. However, to buy it, visit Kimberly Chevrolet dealer.

Changes to 2023 Bolt EUV

Only a few changes have been made to the 2023 version of Bolt EUV when compared with the 2023 model. One of the prominent changes made is the launch of a new package Redline Edition; this is implemented on all trims.

This package includes a glossy black chrome exterior instead of its standard trim. Also, it consists of red-striped unique wheels. Another massive change is the price of this vehicle; the prices have been slashed significantly (by almost $6,300) for the 2023 model to compete within this segment and offer people the best.

Electric powertrain

Both the variants of Bolt EUV are equipped with the same setup. An electric motor of 200 horses and an FWD system is what people can expect to have; AWD isn’t available for this vehicle. Perky acceleration is what you can have due to its instant delivery of power, which is a trait of most electric cars.

Its regenerative braking system allows people to drive this vehicle using the one-pedal driving aspect; this aids in recapturing energy that assists in extending the range of this Chevrolet car. Even its perky acceleration makes it one of the fastest among electric SUVs as it clocks 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds. Moreover, this powertrain is responsible for its competent handling; in addition, even on a rough road, it offers ample riding comfort.

Furthermore, this car has a mileage of more than 115 MPGe. The battery pack is 65 kWh and offers a driving range of 247 miles when fully charged. Such numbers are at par with most of its rivals in this segment.

To charge it, people can use a standard household 120-volt outlet; however, for a quicker charge at home, Chevrolet suggests having a 240-volt outlet in a house. Apart from this, people can also charge this vehicle by visiting fast-charging DC stations, which will offer a range of 95 miles when charged for 30 minutes only. To gather more info about this charging aspect, you can reach Kimberly Chevrolet dealership.

Reasonable price

As mentioned earlier, the price of this generation Bolt EUV has been slashed substantially. The current pricing of Bolt EUV starts from $28,795 for the LT model and $33,295 for its Premier version. Now it depends on the buyer which would be more suitable for them.

The slashed prices along with powerful electric motors, superb design, etc. are reasons that this EV is more attractive to people than any other. Hence, you need to visit a dealer to check this car out and take a test drive before purchasing it.